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Return Authorisation Terms and Conditions

  • Warranty is 12 months from date of SATO's sales invoice, and return to base

  • You are strictly required to provide SATO Invoice numbers for each RA item before your RA application could be processed.

  • No items shall be returned to SATO Technology without an RA NO. RA No. are obtained through the Internet.

  • RA No. are only valid for 30 days from date of issue for detective products.

  • RA forms must be completed in full and faxed to SATO Technology for approval.

  • All defective returns must have supporting documents showing proof of purchase from SATO Technology or a relevant invoice no.

  • All defective goods must be properly packed when returned (i.e. Anti-static bag, form)

  • SATO Technology will reject any return goods that have sustained physical damage due to poor packaging or handling and thus warranty will be void on these products. Approved RA number do not mean the goods are accepted by SATO Technology and SATO Technology has the right to reject any physical damage or out of warranty goods at any time.

  • if item is returned to SATO Technology but no fault is found after testing, then the customer is responsible for freights and handling charges incurred and a service fee may also apply.

  • If customers return goods to SATO Technology for the reason of cancellation, goods MUST be in original re-sellable condition. SATO Technology cannot accept cancelled orders in non-sellable condition.

  • For cancellation of order (within 14 days), credit notes will reflect the price shown on the customer's purchase invoice. 10% restocking fee will be applicable.

  • For any cancellation of wrong sales, goods must be returned within 3 working days after allocation of RA no. otherwise goods will be rejected.

  • There will be a handling fee of $30 for the Hard Drive that wasn't distributed by SATO Technology.


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